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About us

“This jewellery is designed for a modern woman living an exciting life, packed with business meetings and exotic trips, inspiring evenings with cocktails and dinner parties at the top of a skyscraper. This is eternally fashionable jewellery for every situation.” Dana Ribas

The founder of The Factory Diamonds and Jewellery by Ribas is the only Lithuanian of just a few females accepted into the world’s largest Israel Diamond Exchange. Dana Ribas made a great effort to offer people a collection of valuable, high-quality certified precious stones brought to you from the first, most reliable hands.

These diamonds are for those looking for symbols of true love, devotion and beauty.

Dana Ribas
"Our jewellery is eternally fashionable and dedicated to a woman who is always on the move and chooses to shine in every moment of her life."

Dana Ribas

Israel diamond exchange

Israel Diamond Exchange located at the edge of Tel Aviv is world’s largest and oldest diamond exchange. The institution is private, therefore, only select few, known for their good reputation and integrity are accepted. Becoming a member is difficult, but getting expelled is easy. This is a place where most reliable diamond dealers and most successful buyers from all over the world meet